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How to Identify a Business Opportunity

Many times, we hear friends, family members or colleagues asking about the right kind of business to invest in. Recognizing a good business opportunity doesn’t necessarily require talent or a special skill set. It all comes down to scanning your surroundings to find a gap that you can then plug...

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How to best mix your Investment options

As an investor, the greatest concern is growing your investment to deliver higher risk-adjusted returns. Risk-adjusted return hones an investment’s return by measuring how much risk is involved in producing that return, the risks could be as a result of prevailing economic environment brought about by the cyclical nature of...

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Role of Technology in Investment Industries

Technology has always been regarded as an enabler for business transformation. It is quickly becoming a disruptor of the traditional business models, hence cannot be overlooked. The investment industry is dynamic and sensitive to delivery and turnaround times for data capture, data processing, information sharing, and storage. One of the...

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Making Better Financial Decisions

In the spirit of self improvement, people are always making resolutions. Lose weight and get fit are always top on the list. Spend more time with family and friends also come up a lot. So does cutting out negativity and spending money wisely. While we cannot help you with the...

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